Current Trends in Information Technology in India |

Current Trends in Information Technology in India

India has long associated with Information Technology, and over the years we have seen some significant trends occur within the country. Today we’ll be looking into some of the current trends in information technology in India and will see where they are going in the future.


Understanding these trends can help individuals who are trying to figure out ‘what to do’ and investors looking for new sectors to invest.

Mobile Technology

We have seen that mobile devices are becoming more consistent within the current global environment. It doesn’t mean that there will be ‘more mobile users’ but also what is behind the entire trend.

The world is moving away from the traditional brick and mortar style commerce, and e-commerce is set to grow even more in 2018.

India’s e-commerce is set to hit $18-$20 billion in 2018 with mobile sales taking up a whopping 70% of this chunk. We’ll be seeing an increase in new mobile apps, support and services and of course coding (of which India is one of the leading providers).

Mobile will also be integrating into different areas such as health, data collection, and communication. As we see this trend rise, we will begin to see more Indians getting mobile devices and incorporating mobile related services to cater to a growing global demand.

Smart Cities

As our technology becomes more intelligent and cheaper, integrating it into every aspect of society is only a natural step. The Internet of Things, a concept is just becoming more pivotal in the development of cities. Smart Cities will take all of the available technologies and streamline them into a seamless experience for the individual.

It will collect data and provide relevant information to assist with an individual’s decision-making process. If you need parking, finding a specific product or service or just turning on and off the street lights for power conservation, the IoT environment will only get bigger. Currently, there are roughly 20 cities that have a substantial action plan to incorporate this into a real-world scenario.

As you know, the technical workforce in India is vast, and as the rest of the world adopts Smart Cities, we will see more service providers come into play to fill the void.

The government wants to develop an IoT worth $15 billion over the next six years. It is one trend that is going to happen; we’ll just have to wait and see how it implements as time advances.

Cyber Security

It is something that is becoming more important as we transition our sensitive data to technology. Both the government and companies have placed a heavy emphasis on cyber security. It includes deploying solutions for data breaches perhaps through blockchain technology that is currently enjoying a lot of global attention.

Encryption is also a critical aspect of cyber security. As we become more integrated with technology, encryption processes will become more necessary. People are now becoming more focused on privacy and keeping our information safe from unwanted eyes.

Cloud Computing

The cloud has been around for years. However, there are still many benefits yet to discover. Cloud technology will play a pivotal role over the next few years to sustain the increase in mobile technologies. Not only is cloud technology cheaper than storing all your data yourself, but it also provides exciting opportunities for companies to increase interpersonal efficiency, allowing people to speed up production, reduce costs and turn more significant profits.

India will be investing and developing greater cloud-related solutions over the next few years.

WEB IT Will Become More Prominent

At the pace that technology is innovating, the ‘old ways’ of doing things just isn’t viable anymore. Thus, Web IT will become more prominent over the next years. People need practical solutions, and with a WEB IT approach, it is possible.

Over the next years, we’ll see some a-la-carte IT solutions present itself, providing a cheaper solution to having an entire IT department in your company. India is one of the countries at the forefront of this development due to the more reasonable labor force and high-quality talent.


No one can accurately predict where things are going to go to in the future, but judging on the current and past trends, we can make a decent assessment of what might occur. Understanding these patterns will help you make the right decisions whether you’re looking for a job in a new booming industry or want to invest in production.

We’ll see how 2018 develops over the next few months. However, the industries and technologies listed above will play a significant role in the process.

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