Tech Gifts You Can Consider This Diwali |

Tech Gifts You Can Consider This Diwali

Think out of the box and gift your loved ones with cool gadgets and accessories.


Diwali is just around the corner and like every year you might be trying to get hold of some sugarless sweets. It’s time to break the chain this Diwali and surprise your dear one with cool gadgets and accessories. You can choose from a wide range of affordable tech gadget gifts that you can buy which would not burn a hole in your pockets. This list, recommended by, brings you a plethora of gifting options for your loved ones.

Philips SBM 130 1 Channel Speaker

This is an apt gift for all your party animal friends and relatives.  It is a product that is both stylish and utilitarian. So go out there and gift this to let your friend’s party hard. The cost of this cool looking speaker is Rs 2,495.

PTron HBE9 Headphones

With a remarkable style and extraordinary sound quality, the PTron HBE9 Earphones will totally surprise your loved ones. This is a perfect gift for all your music lover closed ones. The best part it about the product is that it comes with a price tag of just Rs 299 and it is exclusively available on

AE Bluetooth Smart watch

Although it’s not comparable to a ‘proper’ smart watch, this all-in-one device is affordable and has pretty good reviews. If you're looking for a cheap but fun gift, this is an option. Available at Rs 1,419.

Griffin stylus

Griffin has a stylus that is fitted with an Omni-directional rubber tip. It can, therefore, be used from the top and sides for typing, sketching, tapping and even playing games. You can buy this product for Rs 1,299.

Dumbell Alarm Clock

This interesting gadget is for your dearly beloved lazybones. And once they start using it, they will either hate you or enter your name in their wills. The Dumbbell alarm clock will not only wake them but also force them to work out, without getting your pocket worked up as it comes at a price of just Rs 1,249.
PTron Viki Bluetooth Headset Sunglasses

These funky looking Bluetooth sunglasses make you look much cooler. They are integrated with digital wireless technology and world-class sunglasses fused together. This one’s for your style conscious yet techie friends who love to explore in the fashion as well as gadgets front. PTron Viki Bluetooth Headset Sunglasses are compatible with all smartphones and are available at Rs 999 only.

Amkette FlashLink

Hey, keep up with the times. Forget Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Amkette FlashLink is a small, sleek pen drive lookalike that connects two PC via the USB ports. You can buy this product at a price of Rs 850.

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