Is Your Android Backup Safe If You Do Not Use Your Phone For Few Months? |

Is Your Android Backup Safe If You Do Not Use Your Phone For Few Months?

Long answer short — it is not.


What would you do if your Android smartphone is broke down? Chances are you are sending it to repair and if it is display screen or a mother board issue, you would rather prefer purchasing a new device. So, there are times when you start using an old feature phone or a spare iPhone that may be at home until you get your hands on your favourite Android phone.

So, what happens meanwhile? Well, your Android data backup would be at risk. No, you shouldn’t be worrying this instant. Read on.

A Reddit user by name Tanglebrook has recently learned that Google deleted his Android data backup when he was using an old iPhone before he could switch over to a new Android smartphone. Well, the Android data backup includes data for all the apps, wifi passwords, and Android settings. Well, in-fact, this may happen to you as well, if you do not use your Android smartphone for two months.

A Google Support page mentions this clause stating that you may see an expiration date below your backup if you do not use your device for just 2 weeks. Whoa, is it not a little too much?

Going back to the Reddit post that brought this issue into highlight, Reddit user Tanglebrook claims, “There was no warning from Google. They just deleted my data. There's apparently an expiration date that shows up under the backup if I had checked the Backup folder sooner, but there was no notification, no email, no proactive notice at all, and most importantly, no option to use the 100gb of my Drive storage to keep my f***ing backup.”

Interestingly, many Reddit users seem to understand his pain, and are dropping out comments agreeing to the fact that Google putting up an expiry date below the data backup is not enough. Instead, the company should at least make an effort to notify users by sending them an email.

What do you say? Have you every faced this issue? Let us know in the comments section below.

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