Reliance Launches "Free" JioPhone In India |

Reliance Launches "Free" JioPhone In India

The company also introduces Rs 153 plan with unlimited calling and SMS.


Reliance has already shaken-up the Indian telecom market. Thanks to its insane low-cost and sometimes free offers, Vodafone and Airtel too have been dragged in a price-cut game that they may never win. So far, the only thing holding back the number of Jio users was the relatively high price of 4G LTE handsets. To address that problem, Ambanis have now launched a "free" Jio 4G LTE compatible feature phone JioPhone.

While Reliance claims that it is a free phone, a customer has to pay Rs 1500 as a security deposit. Ambanis will keep this money for three years. After that you get your cash back by returning the phone. Makes me wonder how many users will be able to keep the phone intact for a good 36 months. In any case, Reliance will get access to crores of floating cash for three years.
The feature phone also gets cheaper plans. For instance, as opposed to the current Rs 309 plan, feature phone users will only need to pay Rs 153 for the Jio plan. Voice calls and SMS will be free on the JioPhone. The Rs 153 plan includes unlimited data with FUP (Fair Usage Policy) cap of 500 MB per day. Beyond that, the download speeds will be down to 128 kbps.

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