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WhatsApp May Soon Allow You To Watch YouTube Videos Inside The App

The YouTube video plays in Picture-in-Picture mode, and thus, you can move the window around while reading chats.


WhatsApp is known for its nature of rolling out something new every once in a while. We have so far interesting features including ‘unsend’, ‘pinned chats’, ‘multi-format file sharing’, ‘Snapchat-like Status feature’, ‘photo bundling’, and ‘photo filters’ to name a few.

Now, it looks like the instant messaging app is testing a new feature that would be allowing users to play YouTube videos directly in the app, without being redirected to YouTube app or Chrome browser.

This new feature is expected to be a part of WhatsApp version 2.17.40, reports The Indian Express, while further adding that the feature isn’t still available for public. The update may in-fact allow users to watch YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode allowing users to slide it to the right to hide the video. However, it is being said that, users can also watch the videos in full screen mode. When you change the chat window, the video playback is said to stop.

Adding further, reports have been claiming that the new feature would, for now, be compatible only with iPhone 6 and later models, and we may have to wait a while to get our hands across the same feature on Android. However, as far as what we are hearing now, it is worth noting that it is just a rumour, and thus, we cannot completely trust at it.

It is pretty much not clear as to whether this feature will be iOS exclusive or will it be rolled out on Android as well. Only time can tell.

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