Google I/O 2017: Important Announcements Made |

Google I/O 2017: Important Announcements Made

From Android O Beta release to new features in Gmail, Google Photos, and standalone VR headsets, Google I/O 2017 is full of excitement.


Google has recently kickstarted its I/O 2017 event in San Francisco, California and in the keynote led by CEO Sundar Pichai, the company made some announcements regarding Android, Google Assistant, virtual reality, Google Home, and much more.

Here, we line up some of the important announcements made by Sundar Pichai at the conference where people get to understand from the Googlers, as to what is actually going on at Google and what are its plans.

1. Android O Beta is live

We already covered about Android O Beta release announced at the ongoing Google I/O 2017 event. Accordingly, the Android O Beta will be rolling out later this year while developers can definitely have a sneak peak on the Android O Preview at the company’s website. The new operating system will definitely improves battery life and security, according to the announcements made.

2. Android Go for entry-level devices

The company has also announced that Android would soon be able to run on devices with 1 GB of memory or even less than that, thanks to a new configuration of Android called as Android Go. Well, to start with, the company would be focusing on making Android O compatible with entry-level devices, which will be tailor-made to basic devices.

3. Google Assistant and Google Lens

First and foremost, the company has announced that Google Assistant would, from now on, be available on iPhones and iPads as well in the form of a standalone app, offering many functions similar to what we have, so far, seen on Android. And stepping further, Google has announced that it will be using a technology called as ‘Google Lens’ which actually enables Google Assistant to analyse your surroundings and display content based on that.

For example, it is said that, if you aim your smartphone’s camera at a flower, you will information about species. In-fact, to make it a little fun, you can point the camera at a concert poster, and you will get all the information regarding the event. You may even pull up the band’s music or videos. To recall, this resembles Samsung’s recently launches ‘Bixby Vision’ which was found on the Galaxy S8.

4. Smart Reply in Gmail

It’s easy reading your emails while you’re on the go, but responding to those emails takes effort. Smart Reply, available in Inbox by Gmail and Allo, saves you time by suggesting quick responses to your message.

The feature suggests three responses based on the email you received: for example, when you receive a text that contains a meeting request offering a choice between Monday and Tuesday, you’ll new see reply suggestions such as, “Let’s do Monday”, or “Monday works for me”, or “Either day works for me”.

5. New ways of photo sharing

Google has announced ‘Suggested Sharing’ and ‘Shared Libraries’ at the ongoing event. It is said that, using machine learning technology, Google Photos will not only remind you to share — it will automatically select the right photos, and even suggest who you should send them to based on who was in the photos. This is being called as ’Suggested Sharing’.

And, as far as ‘Shared Libraries’ is concerned, you can effortlessly and automatically send and receive photos with one other person. You can give them access to your full photo library or, if you prefer, only photos of certain people or from a certain date forward.

6. Standalone Virtual Reality Headsets

Google seems to be planning more than we actually had thought in the beginning about VR and AR. The company’s ambitions are expanding, and now, it seems that Daydream will soon also support a new category of VR devices, called standalone VR headsets. These new headsets do not require a phone or PC. Instead, getting into VR is as simple as putting the thing on. The hardware is fully optimized for VR, and features a new headset tracking technology called WorldSense.

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