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Follow These Steps And Do Not Be A Victim Of Ransomware

FedEx, Nissan, UK’s National Health Service, and Russian Central Bank are some of the victims.


As WannaCry affects more than 70 countries in an unprecedented attack launched on May 12, it looks like many antivirus companies such as eScan and government agencies are taking serious steps to help bring systems under control and address this security threat.

Just in case, if you are not updated on what we are talking about - it is a recently launched ransomware which locks down all the files on your system. Well, it is called ransomware because the hackers after locking down the files, demanding $300 in order to release control of the file. Hence, the name!

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Microsoft had recently released the patch MS17-010 back in March itself to actually address this security threat. Along with this, recently eScan has also announced that all of its products have critical patch management which implements the critical security patches. In-fact, to prevent users further, Microsoft has also released the update for XP and 2003 operating systems.

However, while these technology companies sweating out to safeguard your systems from the deadly attack, here are some precautionary measures to keep your systems safe, and thus not be a victim of ransomware.

  • Download and implement MS17-010 patch, which can be found over here
  • Block executable files from being transmitted via eMails.
  • Isolate the affected system from your Network.
  • Restore the encrypted files from the backup or from system restore point (if enabled).
  • Install and Configure your antivirus such as eScan with all security modules active like Real Time Monitoring, Proactive Protection, and Firewall IDS/IPS Intrusion prevention.
  • Don't enable macros in documents received as attachments via email.
  • Do not open attachments if received from unsolicited source.
  • Deploy and maintain a backup solution.

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