You Can Now Pin Three Chats On Top In WhatsApp Beta |

You Can Now Pin Three Chats On Top In WhatsApp Beta

Even more recent conversations will be shown after these pinned chats.


WhatsApp is said to be bringing yet another awesome feature, according to a couple of reports surfaced online, allowing users to actually pin their favourite chats to the top.

A recently published post on Android Police has mentioned that WhatsApp beta for Android versions 2.17.162 and 2.17.163 are getting this new pin-to-the-top feature.

So, if you have these versions, or if you can get these on your smartphone, you should just press on the individual/ group chat that you want to pin to the top and then, tap on the ‘Pin’ symbol from the top bar. The top bar also has other options like Delete, Mute, and Archive.

As you may be expecting, the feature works pretty much like how ‘Pin’ feature works on Twitter; the chat will remain on the top of your chat list. It is also worth noting that, with a chat pinned to the top, even the more recent WhatsApp chats will be visible only after these pinned chats. The instant messaging app also allows you to pin upto three chats, and unfortunately not more than that.

While this feature is said to be currently available only on the beta version, you will have to get an APK File downloaded from the APK Mirror. Otherwise, you can also sign up for WhatsApp beta on Google Play form your Android Phone.


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