Google PhotoScan Gets Option To Turn Off Glare Removal |

Google PhotoScan Gets Option To Turn Off Glare Removal

Sometimes the lighting conditions would be simply perfect, and it would be opt to turn off glare removal.


Not many people know about the Google’s very own photograph scanning app called as ‘PhotoScan’ that was launched in November last year. However, if you, by any chance already knew about the app, you might have been impressed from its glare removing feature to make your photo scanning job less complicated.

However, sometimes the lighting is just right and there would be no need for a glare removal. For such conditions, the tech-giant has now rolled out an update which allows users to turn off glare removal and scan in just a single step.

It is being said that the new update will soon be rolled out to users on both Android and iOS, and a recent blog post by Google mentions - “You’ll get a quick, high-quality result with all the benefits of PhotoScan—like cropping, edge detection, image straightening, and rotating to the correct orientation.”

Also, the company adds, “Plus, now you can share your scans right from the app, so you don’t have to wait long to send off that childhood photo of you rocking your favorite pink velvet top.”

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