Gboard Now Gets Real Time Translate Feature |

Gboard Now Gets Real Time Translate Feature

The feature comes along with others like GIF and emojis suggestion.


Ever since Google Keyboard was launched as a standalone app, it is getting a number of new features, including those that were, until now, available only on its iOS counterpart.

In a recent update, DigitalTrends reports that Gboard app has now received features that help users translate text in real time in the subject box, while also suggesting emojis and GIFs as they type.

Suppose you are typing something on the Board, with the latest update the Google’s keyboard app can display GIF searches in the suggestion strip that’s present above the keyboard. However, it is worth noting that the GIFs from the keyboard can be shared with only a few apps like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, along with Hangouts and Allo.

Having said this, translating the text in real-time is definitely pretty much interesting. It is being said that this is achieved via Google Translate. Well, to actually experience this, you will have to tap on the Google icon and then tap on Translate button.

Next, you will need to choose input language and the output language. Rest is automatic and you do not have to worry. It works in real time. This feature currently works with around 90 languages.

However, there is a small drawback with this translating feature. You will have to be online round the clock to actually make this happen. 

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