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STEM Education Technology Trends

We all dwell in a hyperconnected atmosphere where one as easy access to almost everything with just a clicks away.


We all dwell in a hyperconnected atmosphere where one has easy access to almost everything with just a few clicks. Kids of today’s generation rely on technology right from playing games to gain knowledge. It is way beyond textbooks learning. Instead of only knowing things, kids can now create things using these online tools.

It is no surprise that the learning communities are experimenting to encourage STEM learning for next generation. STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics refers to academic disciplines of science. Let's have a look on pathways to convey STEM Education in classrooms.

●      Mobile Devices in Classrooms

A smartphone or tablets runs numerous apps comprise of STEM Learning. Then, there are several educational apps and products dedicated to STEM Education. These Tablets can be connected to a projector in the classrooms.

●      Laboratories Created Virtually

Thanks to the virtual labs, scientific experiments need not be conducted in real labs. Here, students will have an opportunity to learn several times, correct mistakes, without creating a mess. Students can create their schedule without having to put up with restrictive classroom timings. There are no limitations for some experiments conducted. Students who are willing to learn extensive experiments in depth can have easy access to it.

●      Television Programming

There are several educational programs made for televisions. These can be incorporated in classroom routines by by teachers.

Involvement of Students in Stem Education

●      Identifying Strength and Weakness

The first and foremost step in involving students in STEM Education is to identify their weakness and strength in various academic subjects. Each and every student may have different grasping power.

For instance, some kids may be good in maths while others would be better at some other subject. This helps parents identify their child's strengths and weakness, before setting out expectations.

●      Science and Technology

Help kids understand the good and possible bad effects of science and technology. Be assured about the example that you would choose when explaining things. One can deliver various information on technology through an engaging story as kids may not be able to grasp technical words.

●      Blend of Science and Technology Environment beyond the classroom.

There are several ways through which parents can introduce the use of technology in education. Parents can recommend educational programs to watch on TV.

Union Public Service Commission - UPSC conducts Combined Defined Service Examinations, Civil Service Examination, National Defence Academy Examination, Indian Service Forest Examination and many more.

It is India’s Central Agency. The commission consists of 10 members and a chairman. Every year many numbers of students appear for exams with a dream of getting a government job.

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