Download: Hill Climb Racing 2 (Android) |

Download: Hill Climb Racing 2 (Android)

The addictive hill racing game is back with a bang.


Hill Climb Racing was a terrible game. Yet, it turned out to be a massive success as millions of people found it addictive. As its name suggests, the game revolves around climbing hills with the vehicle at your disposal. In its second iteration, the core gameplay remains the same, but the developer has spruced up the things with new vehicles, elaborate tuning options, improved visuals, and refined physics effects.

Much like its predecessor, Hill Climb 2 does not have much rules. You just have to make sure not to land the motor upside down. The biggest addition to the game is the multi-player mode that pits you against the gamers from all over the world.

The Hill Climb Racing 2 is free to play game. However, it does feature in-app purchases to make up for your skills. The installation size is around 60 MB, and you can download the game by following this link.

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