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Fake Reliance Jio Bill Circulates Online

Reliance Jio confirms the bill to be fake and reassures the Welcome Offer to be free until Dec 31, 2016.


Did you ever receive a Reliance Jio Bill with INR 27,718 as due amount and addressed to Mrs. Ayunuddin Mondal as a forward message on WhatsApp or any other social media platform bringing distress in you? Well, if that is the case, there is nothing to be worried about as the telecom company Reliance has recently reassured that the Welcome Offer is actually free until Dec 31, 2016.

According to ET Telecom, a Jio spokesperson has confirmed that the bill in circulation is fake, and the services being offered under Jio Welcome Offer remain free until Dec 31, 2016, i.e., unlimited voice and data.

However, the fake bill has recently brought in anxiety to Reliance Jio users who have been lavishly downloading movies and songs and enjoying the freedom of unlimited voice and data. In-fact, the telco had also recently claimed the news that spread about Jio's Welcome offer to end on Dec 3, as fake, pretty much like the latest 'bill' issue that is bringing lot of panic into the users' minds.


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