Now Its Easy To Order Products From Abroad On Amazon Global Store |

Now Its Easy To Order Products From Abroad On Amazon Global Store

Makes it possible to pick products from abroad, and Amazon Global would manage logistics and payments of customs, etc.


If you have been wondering and facing difficulties in getting products from abroad, the times are just a story o the past now. Amazon just solved the problem by bringing in the Amazon Global Store at your finger-click disposal, where you can order from a select range of products from abroad, and Amazon will take care of the logistics and other financial payments such as custom duties and other government levies.

The selection of products is dependent on whether the seller based abroad, is willing to sell it in India. Payments for the products are on a pre-paid basis via a credit or debit card, or net-banking, as the usual cash on delivery facility is not available in this case. The usual delivery timeline from the confirmation of the order is usually between 10-15 days.

In what brings the international market into India, consumers from India have just gotten themselves a wider variety of products to choose from. And having an opening for a market like India, more and more sellers based out of the country will be inclined to make shipping arrangements for India as well. In the current setup hopefully, whatever consumers end up buying, will be guaranteed for quality assurances from Amazon, and even the reverse logistics (returning the product), will be taken care of by them.

With the amount shown in Indian currency, consumer will also have the benefit of not having to convert and calculate the final price to be paid for their selections. If however, the actual import duty turns out lesser than the amount already charged to the customer, Amazon is willing to return the excess amount during the delivery, but usually the estimates on management of the import duties is known to be accurate thus far.

Currently, Clothing, Watches, Books, Electronics, Shoes, and Office Supplies appear to be listed on the Amazon Global Store in India. They have also made it easy to distinguish between a local sourced or the Global Store product, with the tag placed beside the product on their particular page. Transparency seems to be hallmark of the service, as the total breakup of the cost including currency converted price, import duty deposit, and delivery charges involved. There is a host of terms and conditions which one can scan through and check out the details involved. Amongst them is also an interesting condition that products will be returned against a refund and not a replacement, which could elongate the buying process a little bit, but when purchasing from abroad, it does make sense to take the time and be precautionary.

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