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The 5 Reasons Apple Airpods Aren’t For Me

Despite using three of its four consumer products, I’d say that these two ear buds sticking out puts paid to the company’s well-documented design mojo


Whether it was their hurry to get rid of the audio jack from the iPhone 7 (Well! What else is new in the latest edition?) or the deep desire of Tim Cook to best Steve Jobs at his job, one would never know. But, the fact remains that the Air Pods are probably the daftest pieces of design that came out of the Apple stable.

To be honest, when I first saw pictures of the Air Pods, it appeared as though some kid had chewed off the wires, leaving daddy dearest seething with rage at the thought of buying new earphones. Thereafter, having read through the news reports post the launch, my comment was – Hey! Guess what? Apple has just launched Ear Tampons!

So, what’s it that makes me revile this new product? Despite the fact that I have been variously addressed as ‘fan boy’, ‘tech phobe’ and ‘Idiot Proof’ – given that I often refer to Apple products as idiot-proofed for the technologically challenged users. (Disclaimer: I own a MacBook Air, the iPhone 6 as well as an iPad.)

The reasons are simple… there are five of them:

  1. For starters, they look abominable sticking out from one’s ears. This picture of CNET’s Scott Stein (that went viral on Reddit) says it all. Coming from a company that prides itself on UX and UI, these two pieces of white plastic sticking into thin air isn’t stuff that improves one’s self-esteem. 
  2. They cost pretty much the same as the company’s pack-in Ear Pods cost. The listed price in the US markets is $159, which roughly translates to over Rs.10000 rupees in India. Why spend that much when I can buy traditional Ear Pods with lightning cables for just $29?
  3. I have no reason to carry around a magnetic charging case that is required to power up these two pieces of ear furniture. Of course, one could argue that keeping the Air Pods on charge through the night is good enough. But, what the heck? I need to carry another piece of equipment while traveling.
  4. The sound quality isn’t any better or worse compared to the traditional plugs that Apple has been selling us for the past few years. I have no complaints about the quality of music, given that I am no audiophile. But, if the quality isn’t changing with the new avatar, why buy it? Just because it doesn’t have wires?
  5. Those who used it and commented about it have been vocal about the need for more flexibility with the controls (Read what Engadget has to say). While Air Pods sensors are supposed to ensure that they play music only inside your ear, this can be easily overcome if you close your hand around them.

Of course, one agrees that the Air Pod is at the V1.0 stage. The question is does one have to waste money on it as yet? Being an Apple user for close to 15 years, I find the Air Pods a big let down. At best it is a half-baked attempt at doing something for the ‘wrong reasons’ – removing the audio jack on the iPhone7.

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