Google Rolls Out New Feature - Stay In Loop |

Google Rolls Out New Feature - Stay In Loop

Google will notify users about their web mentions any where across the globe of which details would be sent to the registered gmail id.


The latest feature rolled out for Google searches would enable users to keep a track of their online mentions. The Stay in Loop feature would help generate a report about your web mentions and would be sent to your registered gmail id.

Acoording to a report published by,  the feature is functional only when the user is logged in to Google and allows Google to save their web and app activity. The user need not fret about the notifications showing up frequently. You can customize from the available settings like the frequency of emails, the sources such as news, blogs, video or discussion etc, preferred language, region and you can also choose to have only the best results sent to your email id.

A new widget can be seen at the bottom of the search results which will help you to set a new Google Alert. Although Google Alerts have been in use since 2003, users were required to Google themselves to check on their web mentions, now the user can create an alert of their web mentions.

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