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Oakter App To Control 40 Different Home Appliances

By leveraging on IoT technology, the app will help users control home care devices from a remote location via their mobile phones.


Since the Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be getting into every aspect of development and transformation lives, it only makes sense to see in our homes as well. Oatker is a new technology start-up that is leveraging on IoT technology, to make our homes easier to control, via their mobile application Qakter Hub, which will be able to control 40 types of home care appliances. The company made prominent for their 'plug-and-play' home care products, will add this feature so that devices can be better and more accurately managed from a remote destination.

The company sells most of their products online, via stores like Amazon and Flipkart, which includes AC, Water Heater, Water Motor, Mosquito Repellant, fish tank, lamps etc. The pricing starts at INR 2,800, which lets users control one low powered home appliance like coffee machines. Users can start with one or two home appliances, and then keep growing their smart-home experience.

Putting more weight behind this development, Shishir Gupta, the CEO of Oakter said, “We believe IoT will bring about similar productivity gains for home environment in the next 10 years, as seen in work environment after the advent of PCs and Internet. Home appliances haven’t improved much in last 30 years, but times they are going to change very soon.” From a time when managing home appliances used to be more cumbersome and needed the physical presence of a person to effectively do so, it will now come within the control of the user armed with a smartphone.


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