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Micro-LED display on the cards next for Apple Watch?

Rumour has it...


Ah, rumours. Heady things, as those clever inventors of tabloid journalism knew. The latest from the rumour mill is that Apple (headquartered at Cupertino… we all know Apple) is working on replacing the LCD display in the Apple Watch with a new Micro-LED display for the next evolution of the product.

‘Just a rumour’, maybe, but hey, didn’t Apple acquire LuxVue Technology back in 2014? Yes, they did- what is it that LuxVue does again? Oh, they just specialise in Micro-LED technology, that’s all. Nothing big.

Well, when you remember that, it doesn’t seem like ‘just a rumour’ anymore, does it?

What’s the advantage with Micro-LEDs? Good question. A Micro-LED display comes with better colour range and brightness levels as compared to an LCD display, so that’s an advantage. Also, Micro-LEDs use less power, thus prolonging the battery life of the watch. They’re also thinner than LCD displays, and don’t require backlighting. So, plenty of advantage there.

Apple is also rumoured to be working on a new display for iPhones. BuzzFeed reporter John Paczkowski claims that Apple is working on a new 5K display for iPhones that include an integrated GPU in the display itself. That might sound crazy, but it may not really be.
Super high-resolution displays require connected computers with very powerful GPUs. But the thin MacBooks that Apple favours cannot, obviously, house so powerful a GPU. So, sources say, Apple has hit upon a solution: to integrate a powerful GPU into the display itself, instead of relying completely on the graphics power of the connected Mac.

The display is expected to be called the Apple 5K Display (unimaginative, but the tech makes up for it).
The company is apparently holding itself back (from any major changes to the iPhone), as the 10th anniversary edition of iPhone may be unveiled in September. The landmark edition of the iPhone is expected to come in three variants, with a dual camera and 3 GB RAM. That’s certainly something to look forward to! 

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