Siri, The Life Saver! |

Siri, The Life Saver!

The intelligent virtual personal assistant Siri has been in the news for saving a toddler’s life in Australia.


Just like Raj from The Big Bang Theory, we can’t help ourselves from falling in love with Siri. Apple should be brimming with pride now that Siri is a life changer!

It has been reported by Seven News that, an Australian woman, Stacey Glesson found her daughter gasping for breath. Stacey sheer presence of mind helped her call out to Siri and ask for an ambulance. Siri successfully called the emergency service and giving the mother time to reach out to the emergency services while performing CPR on her daughter.

Last year it was reported that Siri saved a teenager’s life in Tennessee by calling 911 when the  boy  called out for help when a truck which he was repairing collapsed, and  vehicle to fall on him. However Siri has also faced flak in its inability to pick up accents.

Apple bought Siri in 2010. In October of 2011 Apple re-released it as part of iOS 5.The technology is integrated into the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and into Apple's new HomeKit home automation framework.

Apple is set to host the annual WWDC  on  June 13th  and Siri is  expected to finally appear on MacOS (laptops and desktops) or OS X at the conference.

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