Blips Lens Redefines Smartphone Cameras |

Blips Lens Redefines Smartphone Cameras

The project backed by Kickstarter, Blips lens stick on to the exterior glass of the smartphone camera and helps to capture micro and macro shots.


Blips lens is the world’s lightest and thinnest pair of adhesive stick on lens which helps capture powerful microscopic images. The lens is available with micro and macro magnifications.

The Blips Macro lens magnifies up to about 10 times. The optimal distance at which it works from a specimen is about 0.5 in (13 mm). The Blips Micro, meanwhile, can achieve magnification of over 100 times and can recognize details of about 1/7000 in (1/275 mm). This means it possible to use it to look at things as small as cells, with the optimal working distance for doing so being about 0.25 in (6.4 mm).

The electrostatic adhesive surface of the lens is easy to use and does not damage the glass exterior of the smartphone camera. The lens can also be mounted upon a flexible film, though, with reusable adhesive bands that stick to the body or case of a phone so as to help keep the lenses in place.

Created by Smart Micro Optics, the Blips lenses are designed to work on all models of smartphone and tablet. The company says they are small enough to be kept attached to a device and even in a pocket without adding any inconvenient bulk. Indeed, the Macro lens is about 1/50-in (0.5-mm) in height, while the Micro lens is about 1/20-in (1.2-mm) in height.

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