Android Apps To Run On Chromebooks Soon |

Android Apps To Run On Chromebooks Soon

This move comes in after Chromebook shipments took over Macs in the US and became second popular operating system in the country.


If you already have a Chromebook, you know how fast, simple and secure the experience is. As Google puts it in its new blog post - open the lid, and within seconds, you're on your favorite sites and apps.

At the same time, you have probably been waiting to do much more with your Chromebook, and you couldn't! But, don't you worry!

Following a recent fact that Chromebooks have taken down Macs in the US and become 2nd most popular PC operating system in the country, Google has announced that it would be bringing the Google Play Store on to Chromebooks.

This would actually allow the Chromebook users to download Android apps and games on to their chromebooks and use them. Well, you can now make a Skype call and be productive, while you can also play games like Clash of Clans or Minecraft.

However, according to the blog post, the Android apps will run on Chromebooks without compromising their speed, simplicity, and security.

With this move, the developers can now actually bring in their apps to laptops along with phones and tablets.

Also, to the users, this can allow for some offline usage of the Chromebook too, which definitely seems exciting!

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