Smartwatch To Track Your Blissful Long Naps |

Smartwatch To Track Your Blissful Long Naps

Pebble releases new update to track long naps.


Smartwatch maker Pebble unveiled its latest OS update what allows users to keep a track on their long siestas. The release, version 3.11, also expands the smartwatch’s ability to send iMessage replies; the feature now works for iPhone-owning Verizon subscribers, in addition to AT&T support, which debuted in November. Although Pebble’s ability to integrate closely with iOS devices remains limited (by Apple’s design), this is a pretty big deal for the company, which competes directly with Apple’s Watch, Android Wear watches, and Fitbit trackers.
The update also introduces custom vibration patterns and “overall” more accurate sleep tracking, as well as the ability to snooze events on the watch. Life’s better when you can just put stuff off and nap all day.

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