Google Launches Website To Showcase Digital Transformation In India |

Google Launches Website To Showcase Digital Transformation In India

The website displays success stories of entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, musicians, artists and media companies.


India, as we all know, is in the limelight recently for its numerous programmes to make Digital India initiative a successful one.

But, tracking the actual progress is very important for a program to be successful, and to make this possible, Google has recently launched a new website attempting to capture how the whole process of digital revolution is taking place across the country.

The website showcases real stories of entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses along with their dreams, goals and aspirations and how they are being able to achieve them.

Along with this, Google is also displaying how the tech giant is enabling these companies in achieving their goals and be digitally transformed.

The website also explains about why the web matters for any organization or entrepreneur who is looking in to for some inspiration.

According to Google's new website, nearly 8 million Indian companies will be connecting and performing transactions online by the year 2018.

That's definitely a pretty good number to focus on and Google as it claims on the website, is definitely trying its best to as a growth engine for Indian business.

Interestingly, the website not just displays success stories of entrepreneurs, but also about many entertainment professionals who have made everything possible through YouTube including music bands and chefs, thereby showcasing every possible way Google is involving in digitally transforming the country.

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