Apple Watch Launched In India; Most Expensive Model Priced At Rs 14.2 Lakh |

Apple Watch Launched In India; Most Expensive Model Priced At Rs 14.2 Lakh

Apple’s high pricing momentum that began with the iPhone 6s seems to be reaching new highs with the Apple Watch.


While Apple iPhone 6s made it to the news more for its ridiculous pricing instead of its features, Apple seems to be pulling off a similar stunt with the Apple Watch as well.

The Cupertino giant has finally launched its Apple Watch for the Indian market. And as with every Apple product, the prices are indeed the most talked about “feature”. The Apple Watch’s pricing starts from a competitive Rs 30,900 for the basic Sport models, while the pricier Watch Edition models starting from Rs 8.2 lakh, all the way up to Rs 14.2 lakh.

To begin with, the Apple Watch is available in two case sizes a smaller 38 mm one and a larger 42 mm one for those with big wrists. The next adjustment or customisation can be made with the Watch straps that can also be purchased in stores separately.

Coming down to the pricing break down, we have:

Apple Watch Sport that comes with rubberised straps and an aluminium case

38 mm : Starts from Rs 30,900
42 mm: Starts from Rs 34,900

Apple Watch which is the regular (but pricier) version comes with a stainless steel case

38 mm: Starts from Rs 48,900
42 mm: Starts from Rs 52,900 - Rs 95,900

Apple Watch Edition is the most expensive range from Apple with an 18-carat solid gold case with a variety of strap options.

38 mm: Starts from Rs 8,20,000
42 mm: Starts from Rs 9,90,000 - Rs 14,20,000

The good bit about the above mentioned range from Apple will have a number of customisation options thanks to large variety of officially available straps. Those looking for the pricey Hermes edition Watch will be disappointed as it did not make it to India.

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The Apple Watch is on sale in India at authorised stores today and packs in watchOS 2.0 out of the box. While Android smartwatches have been seeing moderate sales in India, Apple may shake up things considering that its products usually sit in the premium segment in India. Moreover, Apple also has about 1300 native apps and more than 13,000 watchOS ready apps available in its Watch App Store so it is a polished and complete ecosystem. And while the app numbers do speak enough, Apple did manage to sell more smartwatches in a few months compared to what Android accomplished with a head-start of more than a year.

Still then, the rumour mill is cooking up more rumours about the next edition tagged as the Apple Watch 2, so many may refrain from buying the current model as it is already a year late to India.

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