Apple Watch Now Shipping To India For Rs 42,000 |

Apple Watch Now Shipping To India For Rs 42,000

While the prices are not too high compared to the expected retail prices, they will fancy the likes of many this festive season.


Yes, you can actually, get an Apple Watch shipped to India right now, before it goes official. will sell you an Apple Watch, shipped directly from the US, minus that US pricing.

The website has listed the base Sport model (42 mm case) starting from Rs 42,199 while the 38 mm case starts from Rs 36,999.

Sadly though, while those looking for an officially sold Apple Watch will flock to buy one, you must keep in mind that your smartwatch will take about 7-15 business days to arrive.

So yes, the waiting period seems a bit too long, especially now that Apple will be selling the same starting from the 6th of November in India. Gadgets360 did manage to get the official prices, and while they are still higher compared to the US prices, they do seem a bit reasonable with a starting price of Rs 30,900 (38 mm case) for the Sport. This is considering that LG sells its shiny LG Watch Urbane for Rs 24,599 in India.

Either ways, Apple fans in India are probably used to these prices by now. And while the iPhone 6 did become popular in India, the iPhone 6s this year took the prices sky high making it exclusive once again. So if you are paying Rs 62,000 for a base iPhone 6s, shelling out Rs 30,900 should not be much of a problem now would it?


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