Top 5 Most Downloaded Indian Govt Apps On Android Play Store |

Top 5 Most Downloaded Indian Govt Apps On Android Play Store

The list clearly shows us the development that is happening via Digital India Initiative.

Top 5 Most Downloaded Indian Govt Apps On Android Play Store

Ever since the Prime Minister Narendra Modi kick started the Digital India initiative, we have been coming across different government departments coming up with different apps.

Also, in sync with this move, we have been witnessing a boom in the smartphone industry and the app development industry.

So, with the invasion of smartphone apps into every day life, let us see a list of top 5 Indian Government apps that have been downloaded the most on the Google Play Store.

1. IRCTC Connect

By far, the most downloaded govt app we have come across on Google Play Store is the the IRCTC Connect which has been developed by IRCTC. With downloads ranging in between 5,00,000 and 10,00,000, the app is pretty much helpful to plan your travel and book the railway tickets on the go. With this app, you can also check reservation status, train schedules, train routes, availability of tickets and also cancelling your railway tickets. You can download the app here

2. HP Gas Booking

Developed by the mGovernance Team, the apps has so far been downloaded nearly 50,000 to 1,00,000 times on Google Play Store. As the name suggest, the app comes pretty much in handy when you would want to book your HP gas cylinder. Also, in this app, you can check your refill history, log a complaint and also request to surrender your LPG connection. However, this app would be more useful to you only if you are consumer of HP GAS. Download it here

3. MyGov

Needless to say anything about the app, as it has been in the limelight for some or the other reason, especially for the sole reason that it allows users to take in various government initiatives. However, the app has so far been downloaded nearly 50,000 times and allows you to showcase your ideas, comments and suggestions to various ministries and their associated organisations. Along with this, this app allows users to participate directly in policy formulation. To recall, the forum and app were used during the net neutrality issue that struck the nation recently. You can download the app here

4. MEAIndia

This is more of an informational app where Ministry of External Affairs comes with extensive updates regarding their citizen centric services and outreach activities. Apart from this, the app allows users to also read 'India Perspectives', the flagship magazine by Ministry of External Affairs, directly on your mobile screen. Also, the app is rich in visuals which we seldom see on apps developed by the Government of India. The app can be downloaded here

5. Karnataka Mobile One

This is by far one of the most useful app developed by the government with over 5,00,000 downloads on Google Play Store. Being developed by Centre for e-Governance, the app collates many services like payment of tax, utility bill payments, bus and railway ticket booking, application for various govt services, BBMP, RTO and Police related services where users can also report about safety and other issues. Along with this, students can use this app to know their exam results while they can also apply for re-totaling and reevaluation using this app. You can download it here

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