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Features In Mac OS X El Capitan That Are Rarely Talked About

After rolling out nearly 8 technical previews, the company has finally rolled out the official version of OS X El Capitan to the Mac users.

Features In Mac OS X El Capitan That Are Rarely Talked About

While we have been hearing a lot about the latest version of Mac OS for a couple of months now, it looks like the El Capitan comes with a bunch of prominent features under the hood which help in speeding the processes and apps.

However, while every feature is talked about, there are some small, yet important features which simply make the user experience more delightful.

Here is a list of 8 such features in OS X El Capitan that are rarely talked about.

1. You can now open new tabs for emails with Command + N just like how you would do with web browsers. However, this option is now available only in full-screen mode.

2. El Capitan allows you to delete mails by a simply swipe using your trackpad much like the way mails are deleted in iOS.

3. You can track your flight details pretty easily by just hovering the mouse around a Flight number anywhere in the system and the El Capitan will automatically show up-to-date information.

4. You can now copy the file path directly using the right-click on the file, tap on the Option key and choose the option "Copy Pathname".

5. The new OS X El Capitan allows you to easily resume a file copy from where it was stopped. There is no need to start a file copy all over again.

6. The cursor in the OS X El Capitan actually gets larger in size when you wake up the Mac so that you never have to waste even a second searching for your cursor.

7. While earlier you had to share the entire browser via AirPlay to cast an online video on to an Apple TV, the El Capitan now allows you to simply click on the AirPlay button at the bottom of a YouTube video.

8. Just like how Windows users have been able to do for a long time, Mac OS X El Capitan users can now delete files permanently instead of sending them to the Trash folder. This can be achieved either by pressing Option + Cmd + Delete or by selecting the files, holding down the Option key and choose Delete Immediately from the File menu.

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