Buying Guide For Smartphones And Gadgets |

Buying Guide For Smartphones And Gadgets

Choosing the right gift can be tricky and here are a few suggestions, if you are looking at smartphones or gadgets...

Buying Guide For Smartphones And Gadgets

With every festival comes the headache of buying gifts.

As we head into the festival season, one will be bombarded with offers either by the e-commerce companies, or the traditional stores. There are so many options that it would take some effort to go through a slew of products and then pin point your finger on something that you feel is the right one.

Decide on what do you want to gift will be the most important aspect. Then once you finalise on that, then you can decide on the budget and this will help you narrow down your search. 

We will help you in shortlisting some gadgets based on your budget.

Smartphones for budget of Rs, 5,000

Gone are the days when the lower-end model was considered to be low on specs. Off late there has been an influx of some impressive smartphones. As the country is on the verge of a 4G invasion there are options in this category too.

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Smartphones for budget of Rs. 15,000

The entry of Chinese smartphone companies completely changed the scenario. In what is considered as the mid-segment, if you are smart enough you can walk with a phone that has specifications of some high-priced flagship phones.

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Smartphones for budget of Rs. 20,000

If you ready to spend extend your budget by a bit, there are some smartphones that can bring a huge smile on your loved one’s face and yours too. Most of the products are good bargain for the money. If you really want some of the best in the business in your pocket, here they are.

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Smartphones for budget of Rs. 30,000

This is for those who are really concerned about the shooting capabilities of their smartphones. Most of these smartphones have replaced the point and shoot cameras completely and few even fare better. As expected they come in with better specifications.

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Top selfie smartphones

Talking about images, here this is for those who like to capture every moment of their life with them being in the frame. Gone are the days when the front facing camera’s came with very little resolution. In an attempt to satisfy your thirst and make your life better, here are some of the options.

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