Top 5 Manual Compact Cameras Under Rs 50,000 |

Top 5 Manual Compact Cameras Under Rs 50,000

While the Canon PowerShot G7 X comes pretty close Sony is clearly the king of the compacts.

Top 5 Manual Compact Cameras Under Rs 50,000

Compact cameras are not just for the clicking photographs of family picnics and parties, but can also be used to do some serious photography.

Moreover, they even appeal to enthusiasts, those who do not want to take the big leap into the world of DSLRs and their pricey lenses, but simply want to get some great, creative photographs.

So clearly, there is a certain amount of manual control required to achieve the same.

And since not everyone will be delving into those manual settings, all the time, auto modes have to smart enough, while built in filters need to be professional enough to achieve what enthusiasts want in a true manual compact.

So here is our list of the top 5 compact cameras with manual controls under the Rs 50,000 price bracket:

5.Olympus Stylus SH-1: Rs 18,990 - Rs 25,417

The Olympus SH-1 is a stylish looking compact camera. It offers quality construction with all the necessary grips in the right places to help you get the right shots with just one hand. The scene mode comes with a multitude of presets and will help you add that creative touch to bring out the enthusiast in you. There’s Wi-fi as well as a manual mode, but the quick auto-focus is certainly the icing on the cake with the good-looking compact.

4.Nikon CoolPix P7800: Rs 25,906 - Rs 27,950

The Nikon CoolPix P7800 is a great manual camera that you can carry along without worrying about the weight. It is a bit on the bulky side, but the number of manual controls (actual physical ones) make up for the added weight. Let’s also not forget that it packs in a 7.1 X optical zoom and almost functions like a DSLR with exposure dial, quick menu button, and function buttons.

3.Canon PowerShot G16: Rs 31,995 - Rs 45,140

It’s a bit old, but it certainly has the best set of manual controls on the block. The Canon PowerShot G16 would have certainly made it to the top of our list, if it were not for the newer Canon G7 X and the Sony RX 100 III that came out later. Still then, this is the best compact (or should we say portable manual offering) you can get. There’s even an optical viewfinder and a 5X optical zoom lens to match that 1.0 inch type sensor.

2.Canon PowerShot G7 X: Rs 39,299 - Rs 42,995

The Canon PowerShot G7 X is the closest you can get to the G7 X minus the bulk. You get more control compared to the heavier G16 but it does come with a few manual controls on the top for enthusiasts. There is a 3-inch touchscreen on the back and comes to shoulder to shoulder with Sony RX 100 III with just the Electronic View Finder (EVF) missing. There’s 4.2x Optical Zoom 24 – 100mm (35mm equivalent) up front with a bokehlicious 9-blade aperture diaphragm. Oh and let’s not forget that it even includes Wi-Fi and NFC.

1.Sony RX 100 III: Rs 51,990 - Rs 54,990

Yes, we do understand that this is a sub Rs 50,000 comparison, but we just could not help but include the current king of the block, just because its Rs 2,000 higher than the rest of the competition.

The Sony RX 100 III has a lot going for it. It does come shoulder to shoulder with the Canon G7 X, but its 10 fps burst and built in OLED EVF (Electronic View Finder) catapult it to the top of this shoot out. The 1,440K dot viewfinder clearly makes it the best in the lot when it comes to composing photographs in bright sunlight and according to us is worth the Rs 52,000 price tag, if you are looking for compact camera with manual controls.

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