Things I Miss On Latest Smartphones |

Things I Miss On Latest Smartphones

Makes me want to go back to the old phones.

Things I Miss On Latest Smartphones

These days smartphones are so powerful that they give complex to computers. Be it octa-core processors, Quad HD screens, GBs of RAM, you get it all in here. Today, phones offer more features than you would like to bother with. Still, there's something I miss about the old handsets.


Unique Designs
Remember the good-old days when phones used to come in all size and shapes. Bar, Clamshell, Flip, Slide, Swivel — you name it. Fast forward it today, and most phones look like a similar slab of glass.

Earlier I used to count the number times I drop the phone. With the invasion of touchscreen phones though, the count barely goes beyond two.

When it comes to protecting the phone, we have plenty of covers to choose from. However, lanyards do a similar thing without hurting the phone's aesthetics. Unfortunately, for some reason, manufacturers seems to have completely forgot about this simple yet useful thing.

FM Transmitter
Using FM transmitter feature, you could beam the songs stored on your phones such Nokia N82, N79 on a certain radio frequency. Any radio or stereo player could then tune into it. It used to come-in handy in cars.

Battery Life
Does anyone remember carrying powerbanks in those good-old days? Back then, with limited features phone battery would last for multiple days. Now getting through a single day is a big deal.


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