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Quick Guide To Getting Yourself A OnePlus One In India

With the company opting for an invite-only mode of sale, the ease of purchase that e-commerce promises us has just gone out the window

Quick Guide To Getting Yourself A OnePlus One In India

Chinese startup OnePlus is finally launching its flagship-killing smartphone in India via e-retailer Amazon on December 2. Given the limited availability of the device, the company has opted for an invite-only purchase method, the bane of every Indian online shopper.

OnePlus has already begun taking registrations for sending out invites to a few lucky prospective buyers, but the process is far from straightforward. If you are still wondering how to go about it, then here is what's mentioned on the Amazon.in website.

  • Subscribe to the OnePlus newsletter to become eligible for an invite, however just doing this isn't enough. Interested buyers will have to have to work for the chance to get their hands on a OnePlus One, and will have to participate in the contests and events hosted by Amazon.in or OnePlus.

According to the memo on Amazon.in, the invites will be emailed to winners post the December 2 launch. Further, prospective buyers will also be able to request someone who have purchased a OnePlus One via Amazon.in to send them an invite.

  • Once a user has received an invite via email, they will have to click on the unique link to register it with their OnePlus account. Post this, users will be able to see their actual invite and will have the option to click 'Buy' to purchase the device from Amazon.in.

The fine print reads that users will have to use their invites within 48 hours of it being generated. However, even if the invite expires, users will be able to request for another invite by repeating the process.

  • After being routed to the Amazon.in merchant site, users will be have to choose the OnePlus One in Sandstone black and then enter their invite code on the product page before proceeding to checkout.

During the initial announcement, Amazon.in and OnePlus had rolled out the 'One in a 1,000' contest, where a thousand lucky prospective buyers had the chance to get invites for purchase. Judging by the fact that information about this offer has been taken down on Amazon.in, you're already too late.

OnePlus hasn't yet announced the price of the One in India, however, going by earlier statements of the company, the 64GB variant of the device is expected to cost less than Rs 25,000. That's a great deal for a device that can compete spec for spec with most of today's flagship devices from more well-known manufacturers.

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