Five best weather apps for Android |

Five best weather apps for Android

Five best weather apps for Android

Five best weather apps for Android

If it was sunny in the morning when you left for work, chances are you were unprepared for the rains that ruined your evening. Or even worse, your weekend plans went for a toss due to the unseasonal rains. 

Now however, the smartphone with its plethora of services can help you plan your day better. There are plenty of applications available that can tell you if it's a good day to stay home with a hot cup of coffee or get out wearing your favourite Hawaiian shirt/sun dress.

Here are some of the weather forecast apps for Android that we think could bring you some cheer...


One of the most popular weather apps for Android, AccuWeather is great for getting hyper-localised forecasts. While the developers claim the service is accurate right down to your street address, it seems to be based on particular points in various localities. Still, AccuWeather's service can be used see the forecasts and current temperatures even in smaller towns and other remote locations, a feature that seems to be lacking in most other apps.

Yahoo Weather

Run by Internet search giant Yahoo, this is yet another popular weather service that has a dedicated Android app. The service serves up weather forecasts based on the town or city you live in/search for, but isn't as localised as AccuWeather. However, for a more compelling mobile experience, the Yahoo Weather app serves up photos from Fliker to match your location, time of the day and current weather conditions.

Weather channel

The Weather Channel app for Android is our third most popular weather app for Android users. The service offers real-time temp and weather updates for locations and even a 10 day forecast option just like the other two services. A great feature of Weather Channel is that users have access to radar maps showing past as well as future forecasts, giving you a way to map how for example a storm is moving.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a community powered weather service, that serves up extremely hyper-local forecasts. It works on a unique community of weather enthusiasts that setup logging stations in their own backyards, that stream live data to the services users. Given that there aren't too many outposts for Weather Underground to collect data in India, weather conditions in certain small towns is often not available. Still, we feel it's a great idea and if successful will serve up truly local forecast data.

Indian Weather

Indian Weather is an app created by the India Meteorology Department to serve up accurate and highly localised weather forecasts for Indian users. Streaming data directly from the government weather outposts, the app should in theory be the most accurate in terms of forecasts in the country. However, the app is still under development and several bugs plague its functioning. The developers are promising they'll release more stable versions with even more features on a weekly basis.

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