Five best photo editing apps for android phones |

Five best photo editing apps for android phones

Want to make your photos more interesting try these..

Five best photo editing apps for android phones

The smartphone has given us a way to capture some of our most cherished moments, but more often than not the outcome is not exactly what you wanted it to be. Thankfully there are plenty of photo editing tools available on the Play Store, but there's little to differentiate between them as most have very similar functions.
Here are the five best apps we thought that could be useful to you…

Camera 360 Ultimate

With more than 150 million users, Camera360 is one of the most popular photo editing apps in Play Store. There are no in app purchases and offers plenty of features free 360 Cloud storage too. It has 10 creative cams and more than 100 effects. Camera360 Ultimate features eight modes: Sony camera mode, effects mode, self-portrait mode, quick-shoot mode, funny mode, tilt-shift mode, color-shift mode, audio camera mode, and others.

Photo Grid – collage maker

Grid collages are yet another opportunity for you to create obnoxious cat memes, but they can also be used for legitimate, artistic reasons as well. Making several photos into a collage can draw juxtaposition or comparison between the photos. This app is one of the best on the market for making these kind of grid collages and is definitely worth checking out. There are over 20 filters you can add to your photos and even text and clip art to create the perfect collages.

Photo editor by Aviary

This app is closing in on 100 million users and has plenty of good reviews from some of the top websites. The biggest advantage of the app is its simplicity - one touch it can do wonders to your photos. It has a slightly more composed set of actual editing features, but there are still things like stickers, filters, and the like. It also comes with tools for editing things like red-eye and whitening teeth.

Photo Editor Pro


Photo Editor Pro is a very solid photo editor app even if there’s nothing over-the-top about it. It features a one-touch enhance feature, filters, frames, and the basic photo improvement tools like color balance, crop, and rotate. Again, there’s nothing overly special about it, but it is a solid option for people who just need to touch up their photos here and there.

Photoshop touch for phone

[Price: Rs. 270]
While all the above said apps are free, if you are looking for something a bit more advanced, then this is the one for you. Unlike Photoshop we've come to expect on our desktops, the app pales in comparison, but does bring some of the best bits to your phone. A prime example of this would be working with layers. However, apart from this it’s filled more conventional mobile photo editing features like filters and allows you to make adjustments like color correction. If you are a fan of Adobe this app might be useful.

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