Seven Best Video Editing Softwares In 2017 |

Seven Best Video Editing Softwares In 2017

There are so many choices available! Which ones are your favorites?

Seven Best Video Editing Softwares In 2017

It is so hard to find one single video editor that fits what you need for your style of video editing. The situation gets even worse when a software you like is not available for your PC’s OS. Thankfully, there are some pretty neat video editors you can find online that can help polish your videos.

The video editors we talk about below are refined enough to help you direct a professional project, but they’re also easy to learn and mould into your needs. Tell us which ones you like in the comments below.

  1. Final Cut Pro X

No list of the best video editors can skip Final Cut Pro. The software has been around for a generation now, and its popularity is yet to decline. Final Cut Pro X, the stable version that is, has been around since April 2017, and it has been loved just as much as the previous version.

As far as features are concerned, Final Cut Pro is something of the gold standard in the industry. It has all the features you could expect in a top class video editor software. The interface is non-linear, non-destructive, and goes upto 5K formats while editing. You get to add amazing video and audio tracks, multiple camera modes and use a plethora of filters and tweak options to better your video. Most notable in the app is like every Apple product, this one is pretty effortless to use even for a beginner. There’s also handy tools like keyboard shortcuts that you can employ.

  1. Vegas Pro

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For a Windows user, it sure can be disheartening to not have a good quality video editor since so many richly featured software are reserved for Apple devices. Sony Vegas sure comes off as a beam of sun in the gloom. The fully featured application really packs all you need to make a killer video at par with professionals. The only catch? It costs you a lot of money.

Not many know that Vegas Pro was originally meant as an audio editing system. I guess that explains the high quality sound rendering. Sony sold the app recently to MAGIX, and soon after, Vegas Pro 16 came out which now supports 4K upscaling, video velocity delimitation and more amazing featuers. The price is discouraging to a lot of people, however.

  1. VSDC

Another Windows software which can very well be the golden standard in terms of complexity allowed to videos you edit, VSDC is by far the most elaborate app out there. You get all your favorite features, a simple PiP and ViP that you can make as fancy, nuanced and intricate as you want. The dark screen definitely saves your eyes a lot of stress you’re going to get otherwise while working on your PC for long hours.

That said, VSDC definitely has a learning curve, and you need to master it before you begin churning out videos that are really good. The online tutorials you are linked to by the company are horribly insipid too. But with practice, you should grasp a lot of editing concepts and have professional grade videos ready to share with whoever you want.

  1. PowerDirector

Cyberlink’s PowerDirector has surely come a long way since its early days, when using the app was like putting oneself through torture. The things that work in favor of PowerDirector are the interface and the detailing utilities. The software also lets you put things in slow motion more easily. Keeping with the times, since so much footage these days is recorded on Mobiles, they have added the Vertical Video mode as well as 360 Degree video editing. Power Director also lets you design themes, title screens, menus and even keep your camera aspect focussed on a certain object, which can really be helpful in shooting or editing complex scenes.

Power Director is not free, but comes with a 30 day trial that you can use to see if the video editor suits your requirements.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is a pretty respected software company. I’m sure you have used one or more products by it before. Adobe Premiere Pro is a pretty efficient video editor from the company, having first come out in 2003 and recently upgraded in January 2017. How powerful it is can be judged by the fact that the software was used to edit feature films like Monsters and Gone Girl.

If you’re an Adobe fan, you should definitely try this app out, especially since the superior integration allows you to seamlessly transfer projects from say Photoshop to Premiere. If you get CS6, however, make sure to upgrade your OnLocation to Prelude. You can scale down to Adobe Premiere Elements if you want, but it is Adobe Premiere Pro which has the real professional grade editing tools like color correction, the advanced audio mixing and more. Also, this app is available for both Mac and Windows.

  1. AVS Video Editor

I recommend AVS Video Editor to amateur video makers who lack proper microphone equipment, because the noise removal feature in the software is really a thing of beauty. The posse of options for audio editing is really notable with this app. The recent upgrades have really been more about stylising the interface, but that’s because the app has been supporting UltraHD 4K output since 2014.

AVS is a really good substitute for iMovie or Final Cut Pro for Windows, though it operates in the storyboard paradigm much like Windows Movie Maker. It also supports multithread modes that help you speed up editing as well as embellishment. If you’re bothered about size, then too, being just under 140 MBs, AVS should fit your PC even if it is clogged with other apps.

  1. Corel VideoStudio

Another software that can serve as an amazing upgrade to Windows Movie Maker is Corel VideoStudio. We know WMM is pathetic and worthless unless all you want to do is make slideshows. Corel VideoStudio helps people who prefer using the storyboard layout that WMM introduces many of us to and takes it further by giving a better, more readily available control over the effects, transitions and embellishments. It is a great option for people who are trying to get their videos to reach the next level of detail without needing to take a crash course in complicated editing software.

There are so many choices available! Which ones are your favorites?

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