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App View : MapOMania

It’s all about maps, brain, and some gamification in between.

App View : MapOMania

Think you know your city? Well, think again, because MapOMania, a challenging educational tool set in the geo-spatial space in the form of a mobile game is about to reveal more to you.

The game has undergone a number of changes in the past few months (check out our earlier review of the same game over here), and in this review, we shall be covering on how to play, what to expect, and the improvements that we can find over the earlier version.

First of all, MapOMania works on the principle — “win prizes if you get it right, and if you get it wrong — try again!” Powered by the Indian company ThinkingHut IT Solutions, the game has, over the days, received improvements in the look and feel, along with a mascot ‘Poco, the hipster hippo’ that attracts everyone.

The game allows you to browse through the streets of the city of your choice in real-time maps powered by Google, and ask you map related questions which need to be answered in a given time-frame. Well, you can also choose the category in which you would like to play, and if you get the answers right, you can win some awesome coupons in the form of prizes.

You get around 3 minutes to answer 10 questions, and the difficulty of the questions depend solely on your performance. As to what I observed while trying out MapOMania was — you can earn coupons easily by answering 3 consecutive questions correctly.

Adding more on the game’s highlight of giving away coupons as prizes, it is worth mentioning that you can actually save and view your coupons later using the QPonWallet App. Other wise, you can even manage them through emails.

In short, I would like to mention that this game has turned out to be an awesome one each passing day with lovely graphics and an interesting concept. And, last but not the least, it makes you know your city better.

Available on both Android and iOS, the game allows you to share your score with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, and in turn, challenge them. MapOMania is available to download for free, and there is literally no loss for you, in what-so-ever manner. It’s just either ‘win’ or ‘improve your knowledge’. So, now do you think you know your city? Well, play MapOMania and find out for yourself!

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