AppView: Mapomania - Maps.Brain.Game. |

AppView: Mapomania - Maps.Brain.Game.

The game improves your knowledge about your city and is capable of keeping your curiosity up high!

AppView: Mapomania - Maps.Brain.Game.

Are you a person who logs in to Google Maps before you hop onto your vehicle? Do you always face confusions when finding the shortest distance to your destination? If your head nods 'yes' for both these questions, here's a smartphone game for you.

This is Mapomania, a highly engaging game, or rather, a gamified educational tool that is available on both Android and iOS platforms, for the sheer purpose of improving the geospatial knowledge in you.

Interestingly, Mapomania works in any corner of the world, and the complexity of the levels depend on how well you answer the questions. Available on both platforms - Android and iOS, the game description claims that, Mapomania's proprietary machine learning algorithm DynoQuest decides the complexity level of the questions.

Having said this, let us now dive in-depth and take a look at each feature that is inside the app.

As soon as we install Mapomania and open it, we first come across a host of categories in which we can actually play the game. If you observe the image here, you can clearly see categories like 'Education and Healthcare', 'Places of Worship', 'Point of Interest', 'Shops and Restaurants', 'Entertainment', and a 'Random' section. Also, as you can see, I have already got a couple of points in three categories while testing out the game for the first time.

However, for the sake of this review, let me choose 'Entertainment'. One thing we notice as we indulge in the game is that, it is not graphically rich. All we come across is the image of a map along with a question card and four options to choose from. And, this process repeats until the time is over. But, I must say, though the game is not graphically rich, it definitely has the capacity to pull your attention and make you crank your head while thinking hard about your nearby locations.

Going further, the game becomes interesting with 'Leaderboards' and 'Challenges'. Personally, the game made me raise my eyebrows when I found out that we have leader-boards, as I can now challenge my fiancee who always boasts as if she knows places better than me (even though I am the one who give proper directions every time)!

To build up more interest, the game even allows us to share our score over WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

However, to sum up, as I said earlier, though the game may not be graphically rich, it definitely stands high among educational games available in the smartphone gaming industry today.

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