Is '7' A Bad Number For Smartphones? |

Is '7' A Bad Number For Smartphones?

After the explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, now an iPhone 7 explodes, reports a Reddit user!

Is '7' A Bad Number For Smartphones?

Samsung has been in the limelight with the explosion of recently launched Galaxy Note 7 handsets. The company even took the device off the shelf, after the number of explosion reports increased, which was mainly due to a battery issue.

Having witnessed all these, a Reddit user, on the other hand, has recently reported the explosion of an Apple iPhone 7, and he even posted a picture of his coworker's new iPhone 7, completely burnt.

Reddit user 'Kroopthesnoop' has recently posted a couple of images of a burnt iPhone 7 Plus which he claims to have been ordered by his coworker, which he received in an exploded state! Well, that atleast makes sure that the iPhone did not explode due to a battery issue unlike Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The user has also updated the post recently stating that an account executive from Apple has reached out to them, while working out with AT&T on a replacement phone!

With Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7's explosions going on back to back, it is definitely something that we should ponder about! Is it that the war between Samsung and Apple persists even in the explosion cases? Or is it that the number '7' is just bad for smartphones?

While we better choose to stay off the beliefs behind numbers and completely worry only on the technology involved, we still cannot ward off these weird thoughts that come in our minds!

PS: While reading the hilarious comments that the Reddit post has received, I couldn't resist but laugh at one comment which mentioned that Apple always steals features from Samsung! Here's the link to the Reddit post. Enjoy reading some hilarious comments, and beware before pre-ordering one on Flipkart. ;)

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