How To: Access Spotify In India |

How To: Access Spotify In India

Here's an easy tutorial to make Spotify work where it is not officially launched.

How To: Access Spotify In India

I know, it is not really a new trick. However, I have been getting a lot of emails requests from readers to help them enjoy Spotify in India. I thought it would be a good idea to write an article and assist more people. So if you too have been hearing about this streaming service from snobs around you, now is the time to take it for a spin. This way you don't feel left out on pretentious discussions during office lunch and also get to find out what the fuss is all about. Considering that many smartphone users may not have access to a desktop computer, the entire tutorial is planned around around your phone.

1. Go to phone's Settings, click on Security, check the box next to 'Allow installation of apps from unknown sources'.

2. Since Spotify is not available India, download the installation file using this link. Click on the APK file to install the app.

3. Now that you have the app, all you need an account registered from the US. To make that happen, let us download a free VPN app called Hola. Since there are multiple clones, I suggest you take a look at these screenshots.

4. Fire up Hola, the app will show you the list of apps that can be opened via proxy connection. Click on a browser, select country as US.

5. In browser, visit Submit your details and get your Spotify account. Open Spotify via Hola. Use the newly acquired credentials to login. Once your account is authenticated, you can uninstall Hola and use Spotify on your local network.

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