Is Virtual Reality Virtual For The Masses? |

Is Virtual Reality Virtual For The Masses?

The world is going gaga over VR, but it still remains elusive to the common man.

Is Virtual Reality Virtual For The Masses?

The frenzy surrounding the launch of Oculus Rift was to me like the frenzy surrounding a Rajinikanth (Thalaivar) film. The only difference is that Rajini’s films strike a chord with the masses and the Oculus Rift is solely reserved for the niche. It’s not just Oculus Rift, any VR headset for that matter is beyond the reach of the mere mortals!

Long time ago 3D was the then VR. 3D images, paintings, movies and 3D glasses was the thing! The success of 3D largely can be attributed the mass appeal it had and its easy access. 3D movies can also be one of the contributing factors in bringing the technology closer to people. In 1984 My Dear Kuttichathan India’s first 3D movie was released and there was no looking back since then. Now we can create 3D buildings!

Virtual Reality has been pegged as the next revolutionary technology. Tech honchos have been tirelessly working on developing the technology investing millions in R&D. This adds to the hype and curiosity. Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against VR but I am baffled that VR despite being celebrated so much is hardly making a sizeable impact on our lives. And yes, these guys are outrageously priced! To the best of my knowledge the most affordable VR headset in the country could be Samsung Gear VR priced at INR 8,200 but only compatible with Samsung range of Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge plus smartphones.

Fans of VR would claim that VR has gone mainstream. Yes, it has on the ramp!  India’s first virtual reality fashion show has created the buzz. Apart from gaming, VR showrooms, VR yoga and you name it everything can be virtual reality. The reach and penetration of the technology is still very limited and niche - THIS IS THE ISSUE!

This was an attempt to call a spade a spade!

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