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What’s With The “Stories” These Days?

Started off with Snapchat, Instagram was jealous and now Twitter is desperate!

What’s With The “Stories” These Days?

Snapchat shot to instant fame for the “self-destruct ability” after 10 seconds and then became the darling of the millennials after Snapchat introduced Snapchat Stories that last just for 24 hours. One’s snapchat revealed if they had a “happening life” and everyone wants a ‘happening life” and so 100 million daily users uploaded mind boggling number of snaps. Snapchat became “the app” to be on.  

Then came features likes Discover and Filters! Oh those filters! The doggie with the tongue out was such a craze, and Snapchat knew that they need to keep updating their filters to keep users engaged and interested in the app. Eventually Snapchat’s popularity rose to envious levels and that’s where the ‘story’ begins!

Facebook owned Instagram stunned users all over when they rolled out their new update - the Instagram Stories. A complete rip off the Snapchat Stories, with just a few tweaks like more marker options when it comes to doodling, "rewind" stories etc. This evoked mixed response from users. Some slammed Instagram for the blatant rip off, while some lauded the new upgrades for being better than Snapchat Stories.

Snapchat crushed Twitter’s popularity and Twitter began to feel the pressure. Most people are of the opinion that Twitter’s days are numbered and that Twitter will fade away and not many will mourn the loss. In order to curb its dwindling fan-base, Twitter blindly did what Instagram very cautiously and tactfully did, just that Twitter has lost the mojo and zero innovation. Twitter has decided to make its “Moments” feature available to public. At least it sounds different!

So, with all the ‘stories’ going around, I am quite livid about the way these guys treat us users!

Each one of us spend a good amount on each of these apps, and what’s the point of using them if all them offer us the same features? Are the tech giants taking users for granted - roll out any update - and they think we will lap it up? No! Are they spending millions and billions of dollars just to pull the other down in the race to glory, without any creative innovation?

Did Snapchat’s tremendous popularity and growth give Instagram and Twitter the jitters? If it did, then it's their cowardice that lead to the shoddy copycat stunt.

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