Save Your Data: Two-Factor Authentication Does Help |

Save Your Data: Two-Factor Authentication Does Help

Secure your accounts with Two-factor authentication and it's not rocket science!

Save Your Data: Two-Factor Authentication Does Help

Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Katy Perry and scores of other celebrities were left red faced after their social media networks were hacked. Following the widespread tension after the LinkedIn data breach, people all over the world seem to be keen to ensure security of their privacy. Two factor authentication has gained momentum and is highly recommended to protect your accounts.

So let’s get down to the basics.

The easiest way to set up your Google account and secure it is the Two-factor authentication or Two-step verification. What is Two-factor authentication and how it works?

Each and every time you log in to your Google account it, your password is not enough. You will be required to enter your 6-digit password sent to your phone via text message or Google Authenticator app, or an approval from the Google prompt. So keep your smartphones safe, else you are doomed.

The Holy Commandments

Thou shall proceed to Google’s My Account page and Sign in & Security followed by Signing into Google and then proceed to the Two-step verification

Here lies before you three options, choose wisely from Google prompt, authenticator app, or SMS. In case you opt for Google prompt, the app will let you select from any phones you have synced to your Google account. If you choose the Google Authenticator app it generates a random code that routinely changes ensuring security. The next is the good old SMS, Google will send a password via text message to your smartphone and all you need to do is enter in the password. Just ensure that your contact number is connected to your Google account.

Enter your six-digit verification code and when asked if you want to trust your computer. If you trust the computer, select yes and this will eliminate the two-step process every time you access your Google account. Incase this is not your personal laptop or computer; it is better not to trust the system.

Sounds easy? Now get going people!

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