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Pokémon GO: Walk Five Kilometers, Hatch An Egg

Is this the best motivational factor you can ever get to stay fit? Of course, one needs to stay safe too!

Pokémon GO: Walk Five Kilometers, Hatch An Egg

Pokémon GO - no introduction is needed about the game that stormed the Android and iOS smartphone market across the globe. While most of us take it as a game (which it is), can we also consider it as a perfect motivation to stay fit? Maybe Yes!

The game itself is somehow merged perfectly with real life, in the sense that, you have to roam around in real life to actually find and catch Pokémons. Also, Pokémon Gyms and Pokéstops can be found at only publicly known places. So, actually, you will have to go there and play the game.

If you want to level up your Onix for instance, you will have to battle with other pokémons at gyms (not real gyms :P). So, you have to visit those places and play the game. Okay done! But, what if you get an egg and you want to hatch it using an incubator? Simple... walk for 5 km.

In fact, recently Mashable reported that fitness tracker companies have already noticed that their users who have downloaded Pokemon Go seem to have walked more. (Read The Full Story Here)

Also, a few tweets made rounds expressing interests on the game getting integrated with FitBit or Jawbone to take the fitness tracking experience to the next level.

If you just look at the screenshot here, I was lucky enough to get a couple of eggs (we get them at pokéstops) recently while I was travelling in car (don't worry... I wasn't driving) to a press meet... and I wanted to hatch them.

After doing some research, I found out that we need to walk 5 km for every egg to hatch. So, I did walk almost a kilometer before I reached the place where the press meet happened!

This is my perfect motivation. Walk for good health, hatch some eggs, and become the best Pokémon Master! Woohoo!


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