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AppView: Mekorama

There’s a lot to love Martin Magni’s mobile puzzle game

AppView: Mekorama

Martin Magni’s ‘Mekorama’ is addictive that way. The premise of the game is simple: guide the hopelessly cute robot ‘B’ home through various levels. But it’s the strategy and the manoeuvring that stretch your brain, and frustrate you into playing for far longer than you intended.

Dangerous zappers, guardian robots and other obstacles abound as B shuffles around, trying not to misstep and end up in the water or, worse, in the surrounding blue no-man’s-land.

The game is innovative and simple, and the design- all the work by Magni himself- is creative. There are 50 levels to begin with, and Magni posts new levels on Facebook and Twitter, which players can download. Users can also build their own levels, block by block- a clever idea that keeps avid gamers interested and invested. There are hints at every level, which are only available to those who pay, but the payment system is largely a pay-what-you-like one.

There are a couple of annoyances- while the view can be adjusted, users can only view the game from four corners, which makes visibility an issue. Also, the zoom function is a little too basic. There's no way to zoom in on the character itself- hence, zooming in is often pointless.

But these are minor criticisms. Mekorama is clearly a work of passion, and the charm of the little robot, the sheer playability of the game itself, the pay-what-you-want scheme, and the option to customise and create your own levels, all make the game one that’s well worth downloading. Give it a try, you’ll be hooked!

Mekorama by Martin Magni
Puzzle-based game
Design is simple, but detailed
Hints only on paying

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