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n-gage App: Lifestyle App That Ensures Security And Privacy

The world’s first app that enables users with or without a Smartphone to make video calls and send messages across other social media and messaging apps.

n-gage App: Lifestyle App That Ensures Security And Privacy

Every single time I listen to the iconic chartbuster song “Kabootar Ja, Ja” from Maine Pyaar Kiya, I can’t help but wonder what would our world be like without instant messaging and the scores of social media apps. Folklore and classic love stories had clouds and swans to carry heartfelt messages between star crossed lovers. Remember Nala-Damayanti?

Times have changed, in a blink of the eye, messages, photos and videos are sent across friends and family across the globe. Starting from telephones and e-mails to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Youtube, Skype and so many more similar platforms revolutionized communication beyond imagination.

Despite real-time communication being available at our fingertips and the convenience we enjoy, the stress of guarding our privacy and security is exhausting. Sensing the urgency in providing users a stress free and secure communication app, n-gage a 360° lifestyle chat app has been launched in India. In an exclusive interaction with Techtree, Ajit Patel CEO and Founder of n-gage App talks about his business vision and what n-gage is all about

n-gage is touted as the first ever 360°lifestyle app to be launched in India. With users being bombarded with numerous social media apps every day, why would they choose n-gage? What goes into making n-gage a comprehensive app for users?

The average smartphone user currently has about 4 to 5 apps on their devices. Each app serves a different purpose. With n-gage, there is no need to download a variety of apps- it is a consolidated product that allows users to bring out their playful side, maintain privacy and at the same time transform lives, (their own and others).

Whilst the prime aim is to provide a platform for communications, we have incorporated many additional utilities for Lifestyle into one app thereby eradicating the need to have many apps.

For a non-smartphone user to engage with a smartphone user was thought to be impossible. N-gage is the first app that enables users with or without a Smartphone to make 1 to 1 or group video calls and send rich personalized messages across other social media and messaging apps. How does n-gage make it possible?

Our vision is to enable non smartphone users to communicate like smartphone users, and therefore enjoy all the features without any restrictions. This has led to the development of the desktop version of the app which you can access from your PC.

Of late there has been an increase in the reports of cyberbullying, misuse of personal messages and multimedia content shared between users. Most victims are young adolescents and women. There is no respect for a person’s privacy and it is a raging concern among users. How does n-gage address these critical issues?

As defined by our vision of building an app that is “Private, Playful and Transforming Lives”, we have built 13 features in n-gage to enhance privacy to address precisely these sorts of situations. With the media inundating us with what I would describe as “social media horror stories” – our mission is to provide features within the app that gives the users the ability to maintain their content privacy both at sender and receiver’s end.

Our biggest concern and motivation is to ensure that privacy is maintained at device level. Whilst there has been enough discussion around encryption of messages during transit, we are working to ensure that the user does not become a victim of their own content being abused. We have developed a host of privacy tools, which tackle everyday situations. For example, we have all experienced moments where we have regretted sending certain messages; n-gage provides users with the ability to pull back those messages. We have introduced tools which give users the chance to control how long messages last at the receiver’s end. In addition, users can prevent the receiver from taking screenshots, or copying, or forwarding messages that were only meant for them. Overall there are 13 privacy focused features that have been designed to help an individual in whatever situation they may possibly face.

With a degree in pharmacy you ventured into retail pharmacy, then started a printing business and later established Goldshield. With the experience of dabbling in diverse industries and being honored with Omnicomm British Young Entrepreneur award, in 2000, what pearls of wisdom would you share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

My business moto consists of only 3 words “people, people, people.” Whatever you do in business should be people centric. If you can master the art of understanding people, communicating with and harnessing their needs and talents, whether they are your customers, or the people who work with you or your stakeholders, you are well on your way to success. After all an entrepreneur has the vision but he needs people to work on it.

From retail pharmacy to consumer technology, how did the transition happen?

There is no magic here, simply a passion for each business I have been involved with. When a strong Vision is coupled with strong Passion and hard work with passionate people around you, nothing is impossible. It just happens!

What were the challenges faced to ensure that n-gage is the most viable app available for users today?

There have been many challenges from development to marketing the product. One of our biggest development challenges has been providing a user friendly app which contains all the features in a format that does not overwhelm or confuse the user. As a result, we have undergone a number of design changes to ensure that users will be able to navigate their way through the various features.

In terms of marketing, the challenge has been on finding the right words to communicate the number of features that are sitting in the app. It is getting the user to understand what each feature does and how it can benefit them is an ongoing process.Though the product is finished, we will constantly change the UI to meet the needs of various audiences.

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