Three Reasons Why You Should Not Buy An Apple Watch |

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Buy An Apple Watch

Tim Cook’s first product may not be your best choice a year later.

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Buy An Apple Watch

Apple has been struggling with its Watch ever since it was unveiled back in September 2014. Back then, Apple had other problems that not every manufacturer has these days, an actual working demo unit. Yes, the Apple Watch announcement by Tim Cook, saw some big cheers from the audience, but it was a bit odd for Apple, a company who seems to have mastered production and marketing to not have an actual unit up for the media for a demo. And this led to plenty of speculation. From the battery life, to problems in manufacturing like defective Taptic Units and the of course, the price.

So in short, it does seem like Apple’s most troubled launch till date, but we will have to give it to them, since it was the company’s first go at wearables.

But it has been a year now and we also have WatchOS 2.0 with a host of improvements. But the same old problems still persist. They could be something as annoying as flicking your wrist to check the time, to slow loading glance views. So yes. In short, Apple’s first Watch is not perfect and will not be, until the next one comes out (remember Apple started with computers and not iPhones, so it seems to take its own sweet time to perfect its products).

So a year later, we do know that the Apple Watch is a bit too late to the Indian market. But that is not going to be the problem for Apple fans in India. Those who choose to stay away from Tim Cook’s baby will do so for a few reasons and I have listed the same below:


It is expensive. But like with every Android Vs iOS or Google Vs Apple comparison, Apple is selling you a year old Watch for a price tag that is still costs a bomb. Come on Apple! Your smartwatch is a year old and will in all probability see a few discounts in a month or two (come Christmas in the US). So paying Rs 30,900 for the base model, seems crazier than paying Rs 62,000 for the pricey iPhone 6s (16 GB).

Elsewhere in the US, Apple fans can get their hands on the basic 38 mm Watch Sport for Rs 22,000, which is almost Rs 8900 extra. And this somehow does not make sense since you are still getting a base model Apple Watch Sport (Aluminium) as compared to a shiny and more watch-like LG Watch Urbane. Clearly, Apple has to work on its pricing.


While everyone knows that a smartwatch is not exactly a watch, but more of a device, the Apple Watch does have some similarities with the iPhone 6. But as a watch that you could wear to an event, you would look like an ”Apple Evangelist” and nothing else. That is because it stands out for all the wrong reasons.

Just take LG’s Watch Urbane for example. It looks like a watch, and many will not mistake it for anything else. The Apple Watch has a design that makes it look like a well-crafted iDevice, and not a watch. Also you don’t want to be seen in a meeting flicking your wrist every time you want check the clock.

And even though the most expensive ones, (that are also expected to be sold in India) will come in a gold casing, it still wont beat the show of a Swiss Watch with its mechanical movements that you can glance at all day, without worrying about battery life.


Like I have said before, it is more than a year old, since it was announced. Meaning that Apple being Apple has probably, already readied the hardware design of its Watch 2 or the upcoming Apple Watch.

Spend about Rs 40,000 and buy good looking Apple Watch today, and it will be another iDevice tomorrow once Apple launches the next one (again, it is a year old). More importantly, Apple is expected to give the upcoming Apple Watch 2, a battery life boost with a bigger battery and a thinner display, meaning that it could get slimmer as well.

While speculations point to an Apple Watch 2 launch late next year, Apple will work with better chips, and hopefully a new design (with varying styles) making it faster and appealing to many more.

Buying one in India will give it a short shelf life, and knowing Apple and the already lacking hardware requirements of the Apple Watch and WatchOS 2.0, Apple’s next Watch will not be an “s” leap but a drastic one.

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