Track Your Spends This Festive Season With These Handy Expense Trackers |

Track Your Spends This Festive Season With These Handy Expense Trackers

Simple and easy to use expense tracking apps that will let you keep your expenses under control.

Track Your Spends This Festive Season With These Handy Expense Trackers

It’s the festive season and gifting comes naturally to all of us. But really, once you are out there in a store or from shop to shop, it's hard to keep a tab on your spending, until you sit back at the end of the day and get the shock of your life, as to how much has been swiped off that credit card.

Thankfully, there are mobile expense trackers. No longer will you need to sit down at the end of the long shopping day to jot down your expenses. These handy mobile apps will do it for you and all you have to do is punch in a few numbers while you shop. And it will let you know when to stop and when you are going overboard.

The festive season aside, these expense trackers can also help you with day to day expenses. So it a good way to keep a tab and discover your spending habits and eventually cut down and save on the non-necessary ones.

1. Spending Tracker
Developer: MH Riley Limited
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows PC
Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)

Spending Tracker by MH Riley Ltd is one of the easiest expense tracker apps out there. App navigation is simple and entering in your details are the easiest compared to the others in our list. And don’t let that old icon fool you, there has been plenty of thought behind the app’s design, that works on both mobile phones and tablets and even your Windows PC. More importantly, if you use devices that belong to multiple ecosystems, this expense tracker is the only one to offer it on Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone (soon to be Windows 10).

2. Wally+
Developer: napkin SAL
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Free

Wally+ is another great app that focuses on the social aspect of spending. While it will give you plenty of fields to enter your details, Wally will also gives some in-depth information about your spending habits. For example, Wally will not reveal where you spend most of your money (like home or office), but also with whom you happen to spend the most (friends, spouse etc). All-in-all, a well-designed app, that makes expense tracking fun and informative.

3. Dollarbird
Developer: Halcyon Mobile Inc.
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)

Dollarbird, is your plain Jane expense tracker and for many it is exactly what they want. Ask a few questions while entering your spends, but get more answers. Think of it as a manual tracker that will make you scratch your head at times, but also sports a nice calendar view to help your track your expenses, all with a single glance. Oh yes, and it can also give you a 5 year financial projection if you are really into savings.

4. CoinKeeper
Developer: Disrapp LLC
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)

While CoinKeeper is the easiest one to use, thanks to its drag and drop feature, you may also find yourself not using most of the extras. CoinKeeper is actually an updated Material Design influenced app that makes things simple as dragging and dropping. While the CoinKeeper Classic still exists on the Play Store, the new one is free and seems a lot less skeuomorphic.

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